Sefrou, Morocco Observed: The Photographs of Paul Hyman

These compelling images were amongst many made by Hyman made during his four-month visit to Sefrou, Morocco, in 1969. The photographs, now forty years old, provide a meaningful contrast with present-day Sefrou situated in the foothills of north-central Morocco. Sefrou’s bazaars, faces, daily life, and cityscapes, were immortalized by these images, a great proof of which is their continued circulation by inhabitants of Sefrou seeking to remember their own past.

“Most photographs in anthropological works are intended to illustrate something, to prove something, or to beautify something. These are not. They are intended to say something. They are a view and a comment, visual notations of Sefroui life… This is what, to a mindful eye, Sefrou looks like.” — Clifford Geertz